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What is a "Pinch Hitter Course"?

A "Pinch Hitter Course"  is a short-course (2-day weekend) that provides basic ground and flight training to individuals.  The course prepares them for various scenarios in which the individual might need to take the controls and fly the aircraft, land the aircraft, or assist the pilot in an emergency situation.

Who should take a "Pinch Hitter Course"?

Any individual who finds themselves sitting at the controls of an aircraft frequently and would like "hands on" training that will give them both the skills and knowledge to increase the chances of having a safe outcome in various emergency scenarios.  This course is perfect for any individual who has a friend or loved one that is a pilot.  The skills and knowledge one learns in the "Pinch Hitter Course" could be lifesaving.

Pinch Hitter Course Dates:

April 18th-20th, 2008 (Sign Up Deadline:  April 4th, 2008) 

Cost: $745.00

Course Price Includes: 

  • All books and materials required for the course
  • 4 hours of Ground Instruction
  • 4 hours of Flight Instruction in a Cessna 172


Only a limited number of seats are available for this course.  

For more information or to sign up for available course dates please contact Abigail Werner  @ 269-492-9100 or via email at  contact@flyglas.com


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