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Great Lakes Aviation Services

5605 Portage Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49002

(269) 492-9100 


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We are so pleased to welcome you to our web site and invite you to fly with us.

About Us

GLAS was formed by local pilots who saw the need to provide top quality general aviation services to Southwest Michigan. Our background is diverse, with long experience in corporate aviation, flight instruction, and flight operation management. We have flown jets, turbo props, diverse piston aircraft, warbirds, and even have experience flying in the Alaskan wilderness. We came together because of a shared passion for flight. We started this business in order to share that passion with our customers.

Our Commitment to our Customers

Premier Flight Training: Flight training is a key part of our business not an afterthought. Our school is managed by some of the most experienced instructors in the area. We will see that your progress to your first rating meets your pace and does not waste your time. We will customize your progress toward your next license or rating in the most efficient manner.

Our mission is to provide you the best professional and cost-effective training, whether you plan to be a weekend flyer or an airline pilot.

Superior Aircraft Rental: Aircraft rental is an important service for most of us after we obtain our license. Flying high quality and well equipped airplanes is now not limited to those who own their own. Our plan is to maintain the first in quality airplanes that you want to rent. You will be able to enjoy your license and fly excellent equipment without the need to own your own. GLAS will be your partner in a lifetime of flying.

We Believe in Quality

A word about cost. Flying is not cheap. We do not pretend nor do we try to convince you that we can provide top quality services and have a primary focus on safety and still claim to be the lowest price. We are proud to tell you that our mission is to give you the best value for your money. We will make sure every dollar you spend is spent on quality. When you add it up, that will always be the best deal.

Learn to fly at AZO

Learning to fly at a major airport has many benefits communication, instrument approaches, and safety, just to name a few.

Why drive to a small country stand when you can train with the pros at AZO



Our Fleet

172R (2)

172M (1)

PA28R (1)








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