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Great Lakes Aviation Services

5605 Portage Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49002

(269) 492-9100








A "Discovery Flight" is designed to allow you to "discover" the joy of flight. If you've never been up in a single engine airplane before or if you're just thinking about learning to fly and not quite sure, this is a great way to start.

GLAS offers a fun and affordable way to see if pursuing your Private Pilot License is right for you... and this intro flight can be recorded in a training logbook.

You learn many interesting facts about your aircraft as your instructor coaches you through preflight inspection, run up and taxi to the active runway... but the best feeling will be taking the controls, with your instructor's guidance, applying full throttle and taking off for a 30-minute training flight.

C-172 Discovery Flight only $59.00!

Call 269-492-9100 to purchase a Gift Certificate or Discovery Flight!

Gift Certificates for longer flights and scenic flights are also available.  Prices for these vary between $59.00-$165.00 due to the length of the flight.




Our Fleet

172R (2)

172M (1)

PA28R (1)









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